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  • What about shipping?
    We ship all over the world. We use UPS and as soon as we recieve your order and are ready to ship you'll get a Tracking ID to follow your bag's journey.
  • Prices in Swedish Kronor?
    Due to the volatility of some currencies we have to use our local Krona. However, there's a converter at our shop where you can easily convert the prices into your local currency.
  • Delivery time?
    Almost all our bags are made to order and since they are hand made to your specifications regarding colour and size we usually ships within 3-4 weeks. From production reasons we sometimes carries some bags for immediate shipping. Check our shop for more info. If it reads "Add to cart" the bag is in stock. Otherwise it says "Pre-order.
  • Adjusting the bag?
    We use an ingenius buckle that you can easily move across the center webbing. It allows you to balance your bag according to how you want it to rest on your shoulder depending of your club configuration, how much you have in the pockets and so forth.
  • Cleaning the bag?
    If your bag gets dirty, and it will, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth and perhaps some washing-up liquid. It'll be as good as new.
  • Will the strap wear?
    The strap is made to last. However, after quite a few rounds you may experience that the grip isn't as good as before. Just rub it with a suede brush and feel the grip coming back. Would you like to replace it permanently you can order a new strap at the shop. If so, it's only proof of how much you use your bag:-) Our test bags has been around for almost 3 years and hundreds of rounds without any significant wear.
  • Who's the coolest golfer of all times?
    Thats a tough one. Many would say Tiger, others Nicklaus. Or Old Tom Morris. Or maybe Annika? Who's your choise? Drop as a DM on our Instagram and let us now. Always nice to hear from you guys:-)
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