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A modern Sunday bag - Hand made in Sweden

Part of The Pencil Bag Brigade

Born at sea. Made to withstand the test of time and at same time look smashing

Koger pencil bag

We believe in playing golf walking. If that's you. Follow us on instagram and take part of the movement

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koger pencil bag


One of the largest islands in the Gothenburg archipelago. Home of many fine sailmakers, fishing ports and off course Windbreaker, the sail making shop where Koger Golfbags are manufactured.


Koger Hourglass edition

Get the Hourglass blue edition 

Designed together with Eliot

Small Blue, Limited edition Hourglass

Koger Nairn pencil bag

We're proud to be represented at Nairn GC and Hills GC

Large Beige, Narin GC logo embroidered

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