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The Story

The Koger bag.
Born at sea.

Yes, the idea that finally became the Koger golf bag was spawned in a small sailing boat on a windy, sunny day. The kind of day you dream about having on the links, or at your local muni, or wherever you play your golf. And if you’re reading this it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re a lot like us at Koger. You prefer to golf your ball walking. And since one pound on the back is three on the foot you don’t care to carry more than the essentials. But back to sailing. It’s about agility and mobility. And it’s about materials that stand up to ever changing conditions, conditions that vary from benign to brutal. Lo and behold, it’s the same with golf. With that in mind let’s talk a little bit about the Koger bag.


So what’s in the bag?

The Koger bag is all of that is written above, i e designed for agility and mobility and just like a beautiful hull, made to look pleasing to the discerning eye. We use a fabric normally used to make boat covers. Why? Because it will stand up to anything and doesn’t get wet. Actually, that’s not true. It will get wet when you put on the ground in wet conditions, something frequently occurring in Sweden, but the wetness will not penetrate the fabric. And though the fabric is super strong it’s also very light. There are plenty of bags that look cool, but are just horrible to carry due to their weight. Not so with the Half Koger bag that weighs in at 800 grams. 


The Half Koger bag is intended to carry up to ten clubs, and the Full Koger carries a full set. Why two sizes? Because ten clubs is well enough for everyday play, and if you listen to really, really good golfers they all tout the virtues of regularly playing with half a set. And a small bag will be lighter. And we're all for carrying as little as possible. Then again some players crave a full set. The Full Koger takes care of that while still being light.


So what can we say more. Yes, the stitching. Have you ever been gutted by your bag starting to come apart at the seams? We have. The Koger bag is hand-sewn in Gothenburg / Sweden and stitched in a way that (hopefully) will make this nasty occurrence an non issue. At the same time we’re well aware of Murphy’s Law. Therefore, in case a Koger bag for whatever reason is not performing to expectations we will repair it.


Next up, the shoulder strap. It has amazed us that so many golf bags are made with shoulder straps that isn’t even close to par performance wise. So when it came to designing the shoulder strap for the Koger we set out to shoot a very low score, if you excuse the pun. After all, the shoulder strap is perhaps the most important part of a golf bag as it’s the one part of the bag that’s in contact with your body. So trust us when we say that the Koger is a joy to carry. Simply put, the Koger bag is the one bag we’ve wanted to carry for a long time. 


That’s all. Whether you decide to carry a Koger bag or not we would like to thank you for checking us out. Far and sure!

Small Koger

4 250 SEK
HALF SET Recommended for 5–11 clubs

Large Koger

4 450 SEK
FULL SET Basically the same as Small. But bigger opening etc. And both pockets are made a bit bigger.





Light Grey


Backbone from sailing

There is a batten along the entire spine so that the bag does not sag.


Koger Golf Bags are made-to-order. Our estimated lead time for golf bag orders is currently 4–5 weeks.
Shipping is not included in prices. Shipping details >>>
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The Koger bag is a labour of love from a small group of people brought together by their mutual interest in the creative pursuit of golf, fabrics and design. Every bag is sewn by hand in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Best regards
Josefin, Fredrik & Johannes
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